Элита-Комплекс, ЗАО, научно-производственная система (Екатеринбург)

20.02.2019 - Хозтовары

Population of archaic Sindica according элита-Комплекс, ЗАО, научно-производственная система (Екатеринбург) the materials from the necropolis near farmstead Rassvet. Results of complex investigations of the Abrau Peninsula antiquities. 18, 50, 73, 106-107, 141-142, 168, 180, 193, 211, 240.

Traditions and innovations in the production culture of Northern Rus’. The multilayer site of Oldowan in South Arabia. The Aspurgians on the South-East of Bosporus Asiaticus. The materials on the archaeology of Pereyaslavl Ryazansky.

Population of the North-western Caucasus piedmonts in the Roman epoch. 22nd International Congress of Byzantine Studies. Mediterranean Corridor during the last 30 ky: Sea Level Change and Human Adaptation. Production and trade of amphorae in the Black Sea. International colloquium «The Romans at the Black Sea during the time of Augustus: The evidence of literary, archaeological and numismatic sources». New rare types of Sinopean amphorae from the Roman period. The results of the fifteen years of research.

Элита-Комплекс, ЗАО, научно-производственная система (Екатеринбург)